What If The United States Supreme Court Was Run By The New York Department Of Motor Vehicles?

By: Ken Krimstein

MR. MORAN: Mr. Chief Justice, and may it please the Court: Over the last 50 years, courts in virtually every American jurisdiction have suppressed evidence seized inside homes following knock-and-announce violations — including this Court, on two occasions. Those suppression orders reflect an understanding of two points key to this appeal. The first point is that the manner of entry — and, in particular, a knock-and-announce violation — is not somehow independent of the police activity that occurs inside the house. And, as this Court directly recognized in Wilson, the reasonableness of police activity inside a home is dependent on the manner of the police entry.

JUSTICE ALITO: Do you have form MV-302?

MR. MORAN: Uh, no.

CHIEF JUSTICE ROBERTS: Back to the beginning of the line. Next case.


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