Many, many people contributed to the wonder and the joy that was The Big Jewel. Unfortunately, none of these people have names. No, wait, some of them do —

Co-Founder & Editor — Kurt Luchs
Co-Founder & Editor Emeritus — Neil Pasricha
Editor Slightly Less Emeritus — Justin Warner
Co-Founder — Seth Gow-Jarrett
Webmaster — Amy Vansant
Associate Editor — Whitney Collins
Associate Editor — Becky Cardwell
Associate Editor — Tyler Smith
Associate Editor — Ralph Gamelli
Copy Editor — David Jaggard

The Big Jewel was the shadowy, global multinational corporation behind the seemingly innocent online outlet for literary humor known as TheBigJewel.com. In turn, TheBigJewel.com has been called “the best thing of its kind” by nine out of ten people who write anonymous blurbs like this and three out of three people who read them aloud. For more information on The Big Jewel’s fictional services, please see our Services section, or email us here. For less information on The Big Jewel’s services, please do not read this paragraph.

The Big Jewel was primarily a virtual company operated by lazy, telecommuting layabouts. Some of us lived in Canada. Some of us lived in the United States. All of us lived in The Matrix.

TheBigJewel.com was once updated with a new humor article every Wednesday. But those days are now gone. Other material written by The Big Jewel and its minions appeared in various publications on various dates. The company was officially formed in May 2002. It was officially dissolved in August 2019. But then if you were a Level 10 Time Lord you would already know that.

Like most things of real value in this world, The Big Jewel existed without reason, purpose or justification. And if I can be honest for just one second here, this web site, TheBigJewel.com, was created mainly as a forum for me to masquerade as an objective third-party copywriter, compiling a detailed About / Masthead section on this truly fascinating company.

If you would like to submit freelance material for use on TheBigJewel.com, you are too late, for we have closed our doors forever. Thank you in advance for your interest in writing for TheBigJewel.com. You, [ERROR: #ReaderName Invalid], are a true friend.

If you have any further questions about The Big Jewel, would like to speak to us for any reason, or want to see what we think about some of your personal problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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