* Welcome to The Big Jewel, where our favorite love song is called "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Typeface." This week we'd like to introduce Courtney Maum, whose first piece for us is about the love that dares not italicize its name.

The OkCupid Profile Of The Typeface Curlz MT

By: Courtney Maum



Worcester, Massachusetts


My self-summary:

Well, I’m a happy-go-lucky type of girl who’s really into friendship and good old-fashioned fun. I have a lot of girlfriends and a very active life, but I still find myself with times when I am alone and wishing I had someone special with me to share my love of life!


What I’m doing with my life:

Well — I guess you could say I work in marketing. I have lots of jobs. I advertise services at like nail salons and pet stores, and I’m on the takeout menus of a ton of high end cupcake shops — that’s one of the reasons I like cupcakes so much. (Probably too much ;-] ) I could probably be more athletic if I tried. If you’re super athletic, you probably shouldn’t message me. I’m more of a homebody and don’t want to gross you out!


I’m really good at:

Writing letters

Bicycling sometimes


First things people notice:

Um, the whimsical curlicues at my nethermost edges? Also — my curly hair. Lovers of humidity need not apply!


Favorite books, movies, shows, food:

Ooofff — so many to think of! Steel Magnolias, Mystic Pizza — basically anything with Julia Roberts, obvs. Loved, loved, loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and the bar scenes from Coyote Ugly make me want to dance! I totally crack for strawberry piña coladas and Chex Mix krispie cakes. Basically, anything with melted marshmallow has my name on it. Like, literally. I would love love love to see a real musical one day. Wicked or South Pacific — your pick!


6 things I can’t do without:

Friends and family <3 <3 <3

My SkyRest travel pillow and lavender vanilla sleep spray

“On a clear day” foaming acne cleanser

Pastel Post-it notes

My ten-pack of glitter glue sticks

My signed poster of Gill Sans Ultra Bold (swoooon!!)


I spend a lot of time thinking about:

Key lime flavored Jell-O

Apple Chancery, that snoot!

Will I find someone to love me


Typical Friday night:

Margaritas w/the ladees == (P. Colada for me!!), a little keno, karaoke. A couple pizzas, bed!

If I had a BF = takeout food and movies, Pinterest uploads, “me time” on the couch!


Most private thing I’m willing to admit:

Sometimes I have dreams that I’m Apple Chancery — the most popular decorative sans serif typeface in town — and I have expensive sheets in these dreams and crystal cups of strawberries and I fit into a size four pair of white pants and have gold bracelets on my arms and people take things off my bill at brunch because I’m too pretty to pay full price for my egg-white omelet and I have a beautiful, fantastical, sparkling apple life!


I’m looking for:

      Sans-serifs who like serifs!

      Ages 27-52

      Fans of Mac OS X Tiger

      For new friends


Last online:  Online now

Height:  Typically, 12 pt

Body type:  Curvy

Drinks:  Um, what?

Drugs:  NEVA EVA

Sign:  Aquarius and it matters a lot

Job:  Sales/Marketing/Biz Dev

Offspring:  Hoping!! Would one day love to make a little wingding of my own!


You should message me if:

You are outgoing but only up to a certain point, (like not too embarrassing, like if ur talking to everyone except me in a bar), if you like weekend barbeques with family and friends, parakeets (really) and red chocolate velvet cupcakes with heaps of extra icing! No smokers allowed — yucky — but I will be there for you if you’ve quit.


Regardless of future plans, what’s most interesting to you right now?

True love!