Cumberland Theatre Is Making Waves!

By: Ryan Murphy

May 1st, 2006

This is a watershed year for Cumberland Theatre. After five years of performing in more than 17 venues around the city, we’ll finally have a home to call our own! As of May 20th, 2006, Cumberland Theatre will be setting up shop at the Barrington Street Bathhouse, the city’s former swimming pool complex! What some might see as an eviction notice, we choose to see as a brand new start.

Former patrons of the historic bathhouse will be happy to know that the city has agreed to clean the premises AND drain the pool at no extra charge, following last month’s unfortunate ritualistic suicide. But before they do, Cumberland Theatre will be opening the doors on May 10th for an orientation and pool party! Snacks and refreshments will be served courtesy of our very own treasurer, Phyllis Riley. Members and non-members alike are invited to attend as we celebrate a full seven months of “keeping our heads above water!” For those of you who recall last year’s Cumberland Jamboree, Phyllis has assured us that this time around her famous Chicken Treats will be cooked all the way through, “no doubt about it” (Sorry Mr. Johnson!)

We’ve learned a great deal in our five years of operations, particularly in some unexpected areas like arson and the dangers of working with untamed animals (Speedy recoveries Jeff and Tal!) We can’t wait to apply that knowledge to our new space. I think I speak for all of us here at C.T. when I say that the unique acoustic challenges of performing in a swimming pool is something we can’t wait to tackle headfirst (pun intended!)

Take the plunge with us into our new space. By renewing your $15 membership, you’ll not only be helping us in our move, you’ll also be helping us to pay off a certain lingering lawsuit. Although court orders prevent us from discussing the issue any further, let’s just say that all of our incoming directors will have to have AT LEAST two letters of recommendation, no matter how much their parole officer might vouch for them!

Best of all, you’ll be supporting great local theatre. We’ll be making the most of our space in the year ahead with a Titanic-sized line-up of nautical productions! Hold on to your bathing cap for presentations of Lifeboat, Old Man and the Sea, and our very own toe-tapping musical version of Heart of Darkness. If you like your theatre with a hint of chlorine in the air then you can’t possibly do better than the all new C.T.! I think Phyllis put it best when she said “We’re going to be like Seaworld, but without the whales.”

Your generous support has kept us afloat. Now the exciting part of the journey begins. Help us make a splash!

Dramatically yours,

Buddy Riggins

Buddy Riggins,

Artistic Director


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