Fantasy College Camp

By: David Martin

Dear Graduate,

How long has it been since you graduated from Princemore University? Whether it’s been 10, 25 or 40 years, chances are you may not look back fondly on those days as a fun-filled, madcap time. After all, you were too busy pursuing a 4.0 GPA in hopes of getting into law, medical or business school.

But now we’re presenting you with the perfect opportunity to experience those fun college days you missed out on. Our new Fantasy College Camp lets you re-live your university years without the pressures of academic performance.

Your fantasy camp stay starts with dorm check-in and a welcoming cocktail party. You’ll be able to sample pizza, burgers and chicken wings and overindulge in the beverage of your choice, everything from beer to shooters to our special purple Jesus mixture of alcohol and cheap red wine.

The next morning will feature an orientation session at 9 A.M. But don’t worry; it’s not mandatory. If you’re hung over or just want to sleep in, no problem.

Then it’s off to class, but only if you feel like it. Remember, it’s your choice. You can attend any of a dozen different afternoon classes (no morning classes at Fantasy College Camp!) or you can just kick back, smoke up and watch back-to-back episodes of “Star Trek” in the dorm lounge.

Speaking of classes, no tough ones at fantasy camp. At Princemore’s summer session, our motto is “Every course a bird course.”

Remember how you sweated through “Differential Equations” and “Complex Variables”? Or maybe you spent every morning in a different science class, every afternoon in a lab and every night writing up assignments.

Well sweat no more! At Fantasy College Camp, there are no labs, no tests and no assignments. Heck, there aren’t even any textbooks. And best of all – no mandatory attendance.

One day you can check out Philosophy 101 and rap with the prof about the big questions of life. The next day you might want to drop in on English 103: Comparative Comic Books and discuss your favorite “”graphic novel.”” Or perhaps you’d like to get stoned and check out Film Studies 202: The Work of Adam Sandler.

And it’s not all academics at Princemore’s summer camp. Every evening is a chance to get to know your fellow campers in a relaxed, informal setting. Pizza, burgers or beer. The choice is yours. As for recreational drugs, you’re on your own — but we do have some current Princemore undergrads on staff to help you out.

Don’t forget our on-campus cafeteria. Every overnight camper living in one of our two-person dorm rooms is entitled to three meals a day plus whatever snacks they can sneak back to their rooms. Rediscover the cuisine of your youth with a wide range of beef and pasta-based entrees.

Be sure to take advantage of all the on-campus clubs and activities. Since you won’t be weighed down with a heavy course load, you’ll be free to participate in everything from the Archery Club to Zen Buddhism.

And our camp even gives you a chance to be politically active. For those who missed out on the exciting anti-war demonstrations of the Vietnam and Gulf War eras, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to march and demonstrate against the current war of your choice.

Saturday nights are special at Princemore’s Fantasy College Camp. It’s the weekend kegger on the quad with a live band and all the on-tap Pabst Blue Ribbon you can drink. Party under the stars and crawl back to your room when you’re done.

The fun never stops at Fantasy College Camp. From food fights to drinking contests, it’s not “in loco parentis,” it’s just downright “loco.”

So send in your application form today. We don’t care what you got on your SATs. If you’ve got $9,999 and can spell F-U-N, you’re in for the time of your life.


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